PowerPack for GarageBand

PowerPack for GarageBand 1.1

loops & instruments for GarageBand
1.1 (See all)

PowerPack for GarageBand not only gives you more than 700 brand new professional Apple Loops but also 55 brand new instruments crammed with 784 sonic 'widgets' ideal for remixing or adding to your own productions. Now you're not restricted to using just loops and playing traditional multisampled intruments, for the first time you can now play in your own musical elements live, exactly where you want them. The instruments in PowerPack feature: DRUM HITS - Select the perfect cymbal crash and add it into your track in an instant, then add a tambourine from a selection of each... FX - Turntable scratches, tape FX, or weird noises required - just load them up and play them where you want them to go. INSTRUMENTS - Aside from some sounds you can simply play you'll find hundreds of synth licks, guitar riffs and more. Plus over 700 Apple Loops. If you do want more loops you'll also find many new favourites amongst the 700+ new ones included in PowerPack. Apple Loops featured include hundreds of: Expertly programmed beats, Live drum loops, Upright bass lines, Gated FX, Sax Licks, Rhodes riffs and more.

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