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Have all presentation resources and materials right at hand.
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PopBoardz is intended to make your presentations more fluid by allowing you to gather the necessary resources and have them right at your hand. It also facilitates collaborating with the rest of the group by supporting brainstorms. The application is very easy to use, so it is quite probable that you will be ready to use it from the start without needing to consult any documentation.

It is good that you can create as many boards as you need. Then, you can simply drag and drop the desired resources to your board, which then appear as tiles. Luckily, the tool supports importing practically any type of resources, including images, documents, videos, recordings and websites. Good news is that you do not need any third-party tool to visualize those contents as it has built-in capabilities to show images, play video and render webpages. After importing resources, you can start personalizing them. For instance, you can reorder the tiles and change their appearance.

Regrettably, PopBoardz still has some issues related to responsiveness. For instance, some resources may take too long to load, which logically affects your presentation.

In general, I loved the idea of having all the resources I need to make a presentation or teach a lesson right at a click. Therefore, it is a product I strongly recommend you to try. In this respect, you should know that, although it is free to use, some additional features are offered as in-app purchases.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple types of contents
  • Allows personalizing resources
  • Supports drag-and-drop operations


  • May take too long to load some resources
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