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It improves your productivity by alternating work ranges with break times.
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Pomodoro Work is designed to help you improve your productivity by alternating work ranges with break times. Built on the Pomodoro technique, the application lets you stay focused on a specific task, so you can work more efficiently and complete your duties on time.

The tool installs conveniently in the menu bar of your Mac. Therefore, you can access the app with ease whenever you wish to start a new Pomodoro session or track the progress of the current task. Configuring a new pomodoro is a hassle-free task - all you need to do is enter the name of your task and set the time for your work session. Adjusting the timer can be done at any moment by means of handy arrows that become visible when hovering the mouse over the program's minimalist interface. Other parameters, such as the duration of the short and long breaks and the number of working sessions between long breaks, can be determined from the Preferences menu. Optionally, you can ask the program to notify you visually and acoustically when the current session is complete as well as when the time break is finished or is about to end, so you can start a new session earlier.

To sum up, this application offers to organize and monitor your work so that you can enhance your efficiency without feeling that you work too hard.

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  • Easily configurable pomodoro parameters
  • Can adjust the timer at any moment
  • Visual and acoustic notifications


  • Works only on El Capitan OS
  • No history of previous pomodoros



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