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Pomodoro Time 1.2

It improves your productivity by completing Pomodoro-based tasks.
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This application is designed to improve your productivity by completing Pomodoro-based tasks. In addition, the tool lets you track your progress throughout specific periods of time so that you can monitor your performance and enhance your efficiency.

The programs installs in the menu bar of your Mac. Therefore, you will be able to access the app with ease whenever the situation requires it. The tasks you define can be viewed within a straightforward and easily-searchable To-Do list – once the tasks are completed, they will be moved automatically into a different tab-based panel. The tool allows you to customize most Pomodoro parameters – namely, you can set the target number of pomodoros per day, the pomodoro time span, the short break and the long break durations, and the number of pomodoros between long breaks. Optionally, the app releases a ticking sound while working on your tasks, and it notifies you acoustically when the timer goes off. The start timer and the skip timer can be enabled both by mouse clicks and, more conveniently, by custom keyboard shortcuts.

In short, Pomodoro Time helps you work efficiently without feeling overtired. The alternation between the work ranges and the required breaks lets you achieve your goal with less effort.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Monitors your progress
  • Customizable pomodoro parameters
  • Allows you to edit the number of pomodoros
  • Acoustic notification when the timer goes off
  • Can start, pause, or skip pomodoros at any moment


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