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Create, record, and control various podcasts.
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Work with podcasting content by streaming and recording individual sessions. Control the feed, adjust the volume, optimize the audio for the online environment. Separate your podcasts into episodes, categorize the content, assign names, and browse the database.

This application creates podcasts and enhanced podcasts quickly and easily. Podcasts can be uploaded to either a local disk, an iDisk .Mac account or an FTP server. It manages your podcasts by publishing and removing them when they are no longer required. It supports specific iTunes Music Store information such as images, copyright notices, categories and links to web sites. Podcaster publishes podcasts that can be listened to on any iPod, MP3 player or computer. Podcaster will also create 'enhanced podcasts', these are audio files which contain chapter markers where you can include titles, images and web links.The images in these files can be viewed on an iPod with photo capabilities. Enhanced podcasts can be created from movies, an iMovie project and even from slideshows in iPhoto. Podcaster automatically extracts the audio content in the correct format, with a configurable bit rate to save disk space, and also resizes the images to the correct format.

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