PM Animation 1.0

Create animated GIF, video, Flash SWF contents with a large set of image effects.
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The PM Animation is a 2D animation software that works with bitmap images. It comes with an intuitive user interface and comprehensive functions for creating frame based animation. The software can be used to easily transform a still image into an attractive animation. The animation can be saved as animated gif, video clip and Flash with sound which can be synchronized with the animation. The software is easy to use and entertaining to work with. PM Animation uses animations to create animations since it uses animated gif images as stamps to paint on each frame. With the large selections of animated gif images on the web, your creativity is unlimited with PM Animation.
What's new in this version:
* Implemented the function to save the animation as QuickTime video which can be played back on iPhone, iPad. * Implemented the function to save the animation as standard AVI video. * Added feature for tweening frames when applying image effect filters. * Added feature to duplicate multiple frames from a frame. * Added image effect filters of lens flare and water ripple particle. * Added preset of screen sizes for resizing animation. * Added feature to draw, define text curve and draw animated t...



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