Plastic Bullet

Plastic Bullet 1.0

The Magic Bullet family of plug-ins offer sophisticated color correction tools

Plastic Bullet puts the fun, spontaneity, and surprise of plastic-fantastic toy cameras on your Mac. Just load a photo to turn your images into gloriously unpredictable works of art, then click again to change the look. Its beautiful results include organic colors, vignettes, blurs, glows and light leaks. Instant, spontaneous and surprising, just like your own photography.
Just like a real plastic camera, photos from Plastic Bullet can be amazing in ways you never expected. Works with large images and can load any picture you can view in iPhoto. Integrated sharing means you can share pictures on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Flickr; or broadcast to all your favorite sites at once.
- Create photos up to 6000x6000 images in size, with integrated support for even the largest DSLR images
- Direct upload to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter right from within the app
- Save to iPhoto lets you catalog and share your Plastic Bullet images to iPhoto with ease
- Compare four or nine variations at once to quickly find a lo-fi look you'll love
- Dozens of random border styles to frame your shot
- Click the recycle button or hit the space bar to develop new options in seconds
- Compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and OS X Lion (10.7)

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