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Every image starts with a base that then is stacked with .pkg or .mpkg files that you can custom build with tools like Composer...
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PKGImage... Every image starts with a base that then is stacked with .pkg or .mpkg files that you can custom build with tools like Composer, Iceberg or PackageMaker.
Using PKGImage you can then stack the order in which .pkg files are installed after the base OS to make up your complete image with the click of a mouse.
Output a final ASR image for mass deployment. Forgotten something? then just add it on to the end with no need to rebuild.
Set the NTP Time server and options for automatically joining an Active Directory and/or Open Directory domain(s).
ByHost files are automatically renamed for User Templates and all Users on the system. A report is automatically outputted to the server so you know which machines have been done, at what time and what's been installed.
Set the host / bind name automatically from an outputted .CSV file where name to MAC Address format will automatically populate the correct fields.
Select the option to automatically update images without having to rebuild the base or packages.
Create Users on the fly as part of the deployment.
Image feedback via reports written to the server so you can see which clients have been imaged and with what software at what time, ScreenSharing will allow you to remotely interact with your imaging computers.
Use the built in Multicast to save time on large deployments from any mac running Mac OS X10.7 or higher
Don't have a Netboot Server? PKGImage 3 will allow any Mac running 10.7 or higher to act as a Netboot Server.
Create User Templates at a click of a button and much, much more.
PKGClient is a client side program. It can be installed when deploying a new Image automatically or via ARD/direct client install.
PKGClient will keep the clients up to date by monitoring the server config file for changes. If there is a change to the config software list PKGClient will download and install the updated files automatically to the client. This requires no client side user interaction.
PKGBind is the background program that will join the imaged computer to the Active Directory / Open Directory Domain(s). Is is not triggered by login and requires no user interaction. There is a short pause before PKGBind runs as it will check that it can talk across the network before running. PKGBind can be called on at any stage remotely (ARD / SSH) and can be a simple way of re-moving and re-joining a client computer to the Domain(s) as well as resetting the NTP Time and Zone.

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