Pixie Pond

Pixie Pond is a simple match-3 game with a magic theme.
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Pixie Pond is a simple match-3 game with a magic theme. At every level, you will need to swap adjacent items in order to align three or more of the same type. When you use items to create matches, they will get locked, so you will not be able to swap them, but you will still be able to use them to create other matches. You will have a certain time to lock as many items as possible. When the time is up, the locked items will disappear from the board and new ones will be added. The more items you eliminate, the higher your score will be. You can also get bonuses such as magic mushrooms and lightning clouds, which can help you eliminate more items more quickly.

Unfortunately, the game only offers one mode and only one difficulty level. The graphics also leave a lot to be desired, as they look old and not very detailed. Sounds are simple, too. The music is suitable but repetitive.

To conclude, I really would not recommend Pixie Pond because you may find much better games with a similar gameplay for the same money or even for free.

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  • You can get bonuses
  • Nice theme


  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Simple gameplay
  • Repetitive music



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