An adventure puzzle game set in a magical forest.
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Help the titular character find her way home. Explore stylized fantasy environments and interact with regular or magical objects, solve puzzles, unlock access to new areas, etc. Combine items or take notes for complex tasks, engage in dynamic minigames.

Help Pixie find her way home through the dark forest and back to her friends and family.
Hot classic arcade puzzle action for the Mac!
The game's main character, Pixie, loses her way in a magical forest one day and needs your guidance to return home. To succeed, gamers must play and advance in each game level, which will ultimately send Pixie on her way home, safe and sound. For each level, the objective of the game is to fence off or claim a majority of the playing field. Click on the playing board and send a magical vine to block off areas of the board.
Block off bugs as well and turn the playing field into flowers or magical mushrooms. Catch coins as they fly off the bugs, to buy helpful bonuses like bombs, shields, health potions, extra lives and more.
Some of the features in Pixie
★ 100 levels of arcade puzzling fun!
★ Profiles! Up to 10 users can have their own profiles and record their game progress
★ Achievements! Lots of achievements to search for in the game.
★ Lots of cool bonues!
★ In game shop to use your gold coins for potions and help
★ Family and kids friendly game
★ Online Hall of Fame
★ Excellent gameplay and lots of fun!
★ Quality graphics, sound effects and music
★ Localized to 7 languages : English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian

Some reviews of Pixie
"Pixie will become a classic game with all the expertise needed to conquer all the evil arthropods created by the manic game developers who have put together one awesome game" - www.MacGames.org

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