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PipeRoll is a very entertaining puzzle game for the Mac.
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PipeRoll is a very entertaining puzzle game for the Mac. In this game, you need to reroute pipes so that you can get a water connection from a water tower to a house. When each level starts, you see that there are pieces of the pipe that are not connected to the main pipe. You can rotate those pieces by clicking on them. The goal is to rotate them all so that a connection is made. You need to use all the pieces that are on the screen. There is a timer that counts how long it takes you to complete a level. There are 100 different levels, and as you progress through the game each level is more difficult. For example, by level 4, you start dealing with two water pipes from the water tower to the house instead of one. You also have pipe pieces that need to connect to different pipes.

The game isn't very hard to play. I don't think you can ever lose. You can get most levels right just by randomly clicking until you get a right connection.

In conclusion, for $0.99, PipeRoll is a nice puzzle game. It isn't hard and it comes with a lot of levels for you to play.

José Fernández
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