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An adventure platforming game set in dreamland.
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Control the female protagonist trying to stop an evil scientist who stole the book of reams. Collect the pieces of reality holding the Universe together, complete levels filled with obstacles, traps, and enemies. Jump, run, spin, blast through objects, inflate your body or drill through surfaces.

Save the Universe, Piece by Piece! The Evil Scientist stole the Book of Dreams and kidnapped the Piece Corps girls. Luckily, one escaped…Join this brave Piece Corps girl as she blasts, inflates, spins, bounces, and drills to rescue her friends and the legendary book holding every child’s hopes and aspirations. Because with each friend she saves, she can mix and match their unique powers to ultimately defeat the Evil Scientist and his maniacal minions.
But don’t hesitate. The survival of the universe is at stake!
Piece Corps features challenging physics-based gameplay and endless replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and creativity to solve.
-50 exciting story levels available for free
-5 unique heroines to choose from
-Each heroine has 3 unique abilities that can be mixed and matched
-Over 125 different combinations of abilities
-Create your own levels for other users to play for free
-Share levels on Facebook and the Piece Corps Academy
-Earn tokens for playing levels and use them to unlock new monthly packs
-Like and comment on other user levels
-New levels everyday
-FREE to download
We’re always listening to our users! Please email us at piececorps@joedoucet.com with any feedback that would make the Piece Corps experience better.
Piece Corps is powered by Sirqul, a ubiquitous social platform that enables consumers and brands to create their own distributed, Social-Location-Mobile content as a means of driving awareness and engagement through viral adoption. Joe Doucet Studio has leveraged the Sirqul API’s to create Piece Corps, one of many games that will be released this winter using the Sirqul platform. For more information about Sirqul, please visit http://www.sirqul.com.
Contact: piececorps@joedoucet.com
Visit us: facebook.com/PieceCorps
Follow us: twitter.com/ThePieceCorps
Joe Doucet Studio envisions, develops and launches intriguing intellectual property and compelling brand concepts with elevated design and innovation at their core. Always partnering with the best people and brands from around the world, Piece Corps was brought to life in association with Elsie Choi, Jennifer Yale, and the Sirqul API’s.

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