PicturePopPro2CM 2.0

contextual menu to view and browse images
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PicturePopPro is a contextual menu plugin that shows pictures and QuickTime files directly from the Finder or any software that handle this kind of plugin. It helps you show quickly numericals photos, navigate through a pictures folder, within multiple windows or in fullscreen. You can use a diaporama functionality, change the background color, change the desktop background picture in one click, mark elements and move them to folders/trash or change their Finder color label on the fly, read EXIF photographics tags,... Take the time to understand all the functionalities and read the documentation.
What's new in this version:
correct major problems specific to macintels macintel only : no longer crash under Rosetta app now thumbnails of digital camera photos loads at normal speed (about 8x faster), as with PPC version picture orientation exif tagare handled again Please report me problems in the miniforum :-)

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