PhotosRevive 1.1

Edit and retouch images in terms of colors and shades.
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PhotosRevive is a photo editing tool that helps you retouch images in terms of colors and shades. Therefore, the application allows you to turn black-and-white photos into realistically colored pictures. In addition, the program offers you the chance to transform mat-colored dull images into vivid and radiant pictures.

Using the application is a hassle-free task. Once you load the image you want to adjust, you can preview it on the main window and start editing it right away. All customization features are conveniently placed close to the preview panel so you can enable them with ease and see the changes in real-time. Therefore, you are able to enhance your photo in terms of brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows. In addition, you can rotate the image towards left of right. Unfortunately, flipping the picture horizontally or vertically is not supported. However, you may continue to customize your photo by picking up a color of your choice as basis for colorization or you may trust the program's artificial intelligence to colorize it on your behalf.

In short, PhotosRevive is an easy-to-use application that helps you bring color to black-and-white photos and reinvigorate the faded nuances of pale-colored pictures.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Brings color to black-and-white photos
  • Can colorize images differently
  • Revives pale-colored pictures


  • Can't flip the image
  • No mirror-like preview to compare the original with the resulting picture