PhotoScore Ultimate

PhotoScore Ultimate 8.0

Turn your handwritten music or PDFs into a digital score.
8.0 (See all)
Have your score scanned and recognized. Transfer the results to music notation programs, like Sibelius, G7, or Finale, export in a number of formats or print out. Convert PDF files with a score to MIDI files and continue working with them in such MIDI sequencing software as Cubase and Sonar.

PhotoScore Ultimate is a music scanning program - the musical equivalent of a text OCR program.
- Scans and reads printed music - even percussion staves, guitar tablature and chord diagrams!
- Highly accurate and quick
- Automatic scanning and recognition - removes the hard work of choosing scanner settings
- Transposes all scanned notation
- Plays back scanned music with astonishing realism using the Espressivo feature licensed from Sibelius
- Prints scores in high quality
- Results can be used in almost any music editing program. Send directly to Sibelius or G7, or save MusicXML and NIFF files for Finale and other notation products. Save MIDI files for MIDI sequencing programs such as Cubase and Sonar. Save WAV or AIFF files for burning to CD.
- Opens PDF files
- Reads text from score in up to 40 different languages. Windows version can even read Greek and Russian.
- Uses the most advanced music scanning technology available

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