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Photo Print 3.0

Simplifies the printing of pictures.
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Photo Print simplifies the printing of pictures. Let's say you have a family party where you snap some photos and then you want to print them out for your guests. After you load them into iPhoto, you can then just drag and drop the pictures into predefined Photo Print layouts and then hit the print button. Or say you want to print out school pictures, Photo Print once again makes the task easy and swift. After you finish sizing and positioning the photos, you are ready to print! It is that easy! Photo print also has built-in filters that you can apply to your photos to make quick adjustments. This allows you to leave your originals untouched in iPhoto. Photo Print is a layout driven program and you can even create custom layouts, pages sizes and frame sizes. Photo Print also allows you to batch process your photo library to produce pictures suitable for Digital Picture Frames. This allows you to store many more pictures on your Digital Picture Frame.
What's new in this version:
Added support for the Mac App store. Measurements can now be displayed in inches or centimeters. Cut and pasting images between frames of the same size now preserves the sizing and positioning information. Added filter effects Bias, Gain, Exposure, Normalization and Pixelate to the filters window. When printing in landscape mode, Photo Print now properly rotates the images. The result is now that it doesn't matter if you print in landscape or portr...

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