Personal Finances 4.3

Personal Finances is an app that allows you to control your finances.
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Personal Finances was developed to provide the user with an easy to understand graphical representation of the user's finances.
Main features:
- Filter by calendar and account (optional).
- Unlimited cash flows.
- Registration of category, date, payee, amount and description.
- Multi-currency.
- Automatic assignment of a negative sign for expenditure categories.
- Totals by expenses, incomes and balance.
- Bank reconciliation.
- Filter by calendar and account (optional).
- Categories - Total monthly and grand total.
- Detailed category - Graphical comparison of changes between months.
- Expenditures against incomes - Graphical display of the weight that the expenses have cons incomes.
- Balance - Balance in a period of time for the account or general.
- Total expenditures and incomes - Evolution in time of total expenditures and incomes.
- Total expenditures by payee - Comparison pie chart of expenditures by payee.
- Unlimited accounts.
- Initial balance.
- Transfers between accounts.
- History transfers accounts.
- Categories prebuilt in the selected language.
- Ability to manage own categories.
- Ability to manage maximum budget and periodicity.

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