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The Best Charting and Analysis plus...
Personal Hotline is a "must have" for any serious trader/investor, even if you already own other trading software. It includes an incredible array of charting and analysis tools plus powerful additions designed to give serious traders an edge... An Expert Trading Model that makes recommendations on where to buy, sell, and place stop-losses for all markets and automatically tracks it's own performance. From novice to pro, this mathematically-based system will help you spot profitable trading opportunities. The Day Tradeexpert day trading recommendations based on a system used by commodity floor traders. Personal System Alerts let you build and test your own technical system then alerts you when new trading opportunities arise. Personal Trade Tracking will analyze your trades and keep track of your performance.
With Personal Hotline you don't need to be an expert to reap the benefits of technical analysis. Personal Hotline will help focus your attention on potential trading opportunities, increasing your chances of being in the right place at the right time.
As your technical analysis skills grow, you will benefit from the most complete charting and technical toolbox available.
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Faster, smarter, and easier to use than ever! Developed specifically for OS X, not ported from Windows. Chart Suite... easy to set up layout of your favorite charts and tools, ready to apply to you favorite stocks or commodities Recent menus for Lists and layouts, add speed, simplicity and functionality! Average True Range... our 6th indicator from the genius of Welles Wilder Keltner Channels - one of the more basic, though less well-known, m...

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