PDFMergeThing 1.2

It helps you combine multiple PDF documents into a single larger file.

PDFMergeThing is designed to help you combine multiple PDF documents into a single larger file that can be saved to your computer or sent directly to a printer. With this tool, you can print either the entire output file or a specific range of pages.

The program's interface is straightforward and easy to use. Adding the documents you wish to merge is done by dragging-and-dropping. Once the files are imported, you can reorder them by moving selected items up or down the list. Before enabling the merging operation, you can configure the page settings so that the new document can correspond to your needs – namely, you can select your favorite printing format and the desired page size. In addition, you can change the page orientation and scale it down to a smaller dimension. Next, you just need to press the "Print" button which opens the printing options. If you don't want to print all the pages in the merged file, you can select a custom page range. A small file preview of the file to print will help you browse through the pages in order to determine the pages you wish to print.

To conclude, this application offers a simple way to merge PDF files into a larger document. It is designed for home users who are looking for a straightforward and free solution to preserve or print multiple PDFs as a single document.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Can set the printing format
  • Can change page orientation
  • Can select the desired page size
  • Ability to inspect the output file before saving or printing


  • Can't set multiple page ranges when printing
  • Inability to password-protect the output file
  • The source files can't be previewed in the main window
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