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PDF2Office for OmniGraffle 1.0

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PDF2Office for OmniGraffle v1.0 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for converting PDF files to editable OmniGraffle, RTF and plain Text formats.
The new PDF2Office for Omnigraffle 1.0 is THE Mac PDF Converter for converting PDFs to an editable OmniGraffle format. If you need to recreate the PDF file or re-use the PDF data in OmniGraffle there is no other tool for you but PDF2Office for OmniGraffle 1.0.
PDF2Office is easy to use. Simply drag and drop the pdf file into the application, select the target file type, and click the “Convert File” button.
PDF2Office for Omnigraffle is very powerful and quick, converting PDF to OmniGraffle, PDF to RTF, and PDF to Text in a matter of seconds.
PDF2Office for Omnigraffle is simply amazing! It recreates the layout of the document, intelligently builds paragraphs for easy editing; matches fonts automatically, applies styles; regroups independent graphic elements, extracts and places the images accurately, and also creates tables! ….all automatically !!
PDF2Office Standard has several powerful options to fine-tune the file conversion. Don’t have the font? No problem. Simply specify a font to substitute in your conversion. You can also choose to convert the entire PDF file or a range of pages.
Recosoft Corporation, the developer of PDF2Office for OmniGraffle and other PDF2Office series products has been presenting PDF converter solutions for over 10 years on the Mac and are the leaders in this field.

• Converts PDF files to fully editable OmniGraffle, RTF and Text files
• Amazingly accurate - Recreates the layout of the PDF file, forms paragraphs, applies styles, places images, graphics, and creates tables automatically !!
• Batch Convert PDFs - Convert a folder full of PDFs to the OmniGraffle, RTF and Text formats with a simple-click.
• Powerful options - PDF2Office for OmniGraffle provides options to fine-tune the conversion result. You can opt to exclude graphics, specify a specific range of pages to convert and also specify font substitutions.
• iOS Optimization - A “Format for iOS” option optimizes the resulting files for viewing/editing on the iPAD, iPhone and iPod.
• Lightning Quick - PDF2Office for OmniGraffle will convert the PDF file within seconds.
• Password Protected PDF documents - Convert password-protected PDF documents (The original password is required to open password protected PDF documents)
• Multi-Language/Asian Language Support - Supports English/Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Western European/Greek/Russian-language data contained in PDF documents
PDF2Office for OmniGraffle is a 64bit application and uses the new PDF2Office v6.0 PDF reconstruction engine.
Visit www.recosoft.com and discover the entire range of PDF converters and solutions that are available from Recosoft Corporation.
PDF2Office Professional
PDF2Office for iPad
PDF2Office SE for iWork
PDF2Office Standard
PDF2Office, PDF2ID, and ID2Office are registered trademarks or trademarks of Recosoft Corporation in the US and/or other countries. Any other products with similar names are not endorsed, affiliated or created by Recosoft.
Note: Layout reconstruction varies depending on document and may not be 100% accurate. PDF2Office does not perform Optical Character Recognition. An image in a PDF file is treated as an image.

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