PDF Note Pro

PDF Note Pro 1.1

PDF Note Pro is a multi-function application with advanced PDF features.

PDF Note Pro is a multi-function application. It works as a PDF note taker, editor, merger, splitter, organizer, markup, annotator, and MPEG-4 audio recorder/player for iOS and OS X. PDF Note Pro features easy-to-use PDF editing, a revolutionary PDF page organizer/manipulator, and MPEG-4 (M4A) audio recording/playback with breathtaking audio visualizer.

PDF Note Pro makes it easier than ever to draw, highlight, fill out forms, annotate, manage, and organize PDFs instantly. If that still wasn't enough, PDF Note Pro not only features iCloud synchronization across all your devices - but also includes iCloud Drive and iCloud HandOff/Continuity so you can transfer PDFs between devices seamlessly.

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