PasswordVault Lite

PasswordVault Lite 8.4

Free password manager which securely stores your website access information...

PasswordVault Lite is a free password manager which securely stores your website access information, Internet banking data and software runtime keys for convenient and easy access.
It protects your data using very strong 896-bit encryption and includes auto-filling of Web forms, auto-lock timer, auto-clipboard clear, random password generator, import and export of data (for easy backup and transfer), editable categories, editable notes, master password recovery system, selectable skins, detailed reports after portable/desktop sync, and secure password auto-distribution for groups of users.
The bundled portable version runs directly off USB drives and iPods. Windows, OS X, Mac OS Classic, and Linux versions are available.
The Lite Edition includes a 30 day trial of auto-distribution and supports 15 services, whilst the commercial Standard and Pro Editions support any number of services. Inexpensive multi-user packs, site licenses, custom builds, etc., are available.

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