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Ever wished you could bring your pictures to life?
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Ever wished you could bring your pictures to life? Now you can - with Paint My Cat, the first ever app of its kind!
This is a whole new way to use your computer and a completely unique experience! Using revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) technology, this app is the first ever to enhance traditional pen-and-paper drawings, bringing a whole new level of interaction between your computer and the real world. The AR feature also allows you to bring your cat and his toys to life in the world around you. This app really has the “WOW” factor!!
There are two different ways to achieve this “WOW”! Use the extensive in-app painting palette to paint the artwork in the app directly on your device. As you paint on screen, the magic wand charges until, at full power, you can wave it to trigger a magical moment where your picture transforms from 2D into an amazing 3D character!
Or, you can use markers, crayons or pencils to color our special printed pages. Then take your computer's webcam and show it your work of art and bring your very own picture directly into the app, then play with it in a 3D augmented reality world.
Once you have created your cat, play with him in his virtual playroom. Stroke and tickle him, and dress him up with special accessories you can customize from his closet. Play through the game to unlock other rooms, with more content to come soon.
Get the whole family involved and have fun painting different toys and accessories for your cats to interact with. This app is fun for all ages. Show off your creativity!
● 80 colors to choose from
● 3 brush sizes
● Beautiful illustrations and artwork
● Realistic 3D physics and animation
● Stunning visual effects as your pictures come to life
● Customize your cat’s appearance with hats and accessories
● Personalize the game with your own colors and ideas
● Pick up and interact with objects in the virtual rooms
● Interact with your cat – you can poke or tickle him and see his reaction
● Develops hand eye co-ordination
● Excellent for fine motor skill development
● Gameplay is simple and kid-friendly
● Animations guide non-readers through the game
● Kid and mom tested
● Completely ad-free
● Cat makes fun sounds
● Progress is saved when you leave the app
● Erase button for when you want to start over
● Fun coloring activity for all ages
● Unique computer vision allows anyone to transfer their drawings from the real world to the virtual world
Note: We love getting feedback and hearing stories about kids using our apps. Use the feedback button in the app or tell us what you would like us to do next at

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