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Free Paint 2 is a free utility that works as an image editor and a drawing tool.
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Paint 2 is a free utility that works as an image editor and a drawing tool. The program allows you to edit imported pictures and save them as new projects in some of the most popular image formats. The reviewed version supports pictures that feature less than 1000 pixels – for images that exceed this number, you need to purchase the upgraded edition.

With its neat and intuitive interface, the application is very easy to use. The moment you launch the program, you are asked either to open an existing project to edit it or to create a brand new design. No matter what you choose, the editing functions are the same. The program allows you to change the background color, draw straight and curved lines, and insert rectangles and ellipses that may stand for add-annotation boxes. The pen function lets you do freehand drawings, while the text option helps you insert text phrases. For a stylish appearance, you may apply shadows to some of the editing items. Like all image editors, Paint 2 helps you crop an area of the picture. In addition, it lets you insert image watermarks to your project, customizable in terms of orientation and transparency. Finally, the new designs can be saved as Paint documents, as well as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMB, or GIF file formats.

In short, the program works well, no doubt about it – still, the editing functions are just for amateurs. It doesn't have the capability to adjust color saturation, or to apply image effects. It doesn't even provide predefined shapes like stars, triangles, or other geometrical forms (except for rectangles). All these issues lead to the idea that the tool has been designed just for home users.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Free tool
  • Pen function for handwriting
  • Supports most popular image formats
  • Crops image area
  • Can apply shadows to some editing items


  • No special effects
  • Adjusting color saturation is not provided
  • No advanced editing functions
  • Limitation to support 1000 pixels maximum


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