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Helps you take regular breaks from your computer while you are working.

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Pace is a simple application intended to help you schedule breaks at given intervals. This sequence of work sessions and breaks can actually increase your productivity while avoiding sore eyes and muscles. The tool is easy to use and there is a brief introduction for you to know what it is about.

Pace supports scheduling two different types of breaks: short and long. Although both types are customizable, the app loads with default recommended values. Thus, a short break happens every 10 minutes and lasts for 20 seconds. Long breaks, in turn, are programmed to be taken every hour for five minutes.

The app can be set to start automatically along with the system and run from the Menu Bar. When it is time for a break, the tool shows a semitransparent window that covers your screen but still lets you see whatever is behind it. There is a sort of countdown circle that shows how much time of rest is left. However, if you are too busy at the moment doing something you cannot postpone, you can simply skip or snooze the break.

Luckily, there are certain events that the app will not interrupt, which include screen sharing and presenting. Moreover, it can integrate with Calendar to know schedule meetings so that they do not get disturbed. Regrettably, not all kinds of events are predictable, which means there is a chance that it inconveniently interrupts critical work. Moreover, it is possible that Pace may block important notifications during breaks.

All in all, Pace helps you plan your work sessions in a way that is most convenient for you. The product is available for free; however, this trial version does not allow you to customize intervals for your breaks, so you may want to buy the full version instead.

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  • Allows customizing intervals
  • Lets you snooze and skip breaks
  • Unobtrusive app
  • Does not interrupt certain types of activities


  • May interrupt critical work
  • May block important notifications during breaks
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