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Modify your weapon the way you feel it should be and take it to the action.
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Overkill 2 is a great-looking shooter with easy controls and challenging gameplay.Over 40 realistic 3D guns are waiting for you in this shooter, ready to be upgraded and used in intensive battles. Overkill 2 is a great-looking shooter with a unique combination of easy controls and challenging gameplay. It takes you to the city occupied by a deadly faction where only you and your gun can make a difference. Fight against tough opponents who will have you pay for every mistake. This is not a roller coaster ride, this is war. Luckily for you, you will have a vast arsenal of combat equipment and support items at your disposal.
Be ready to customize and fire pistols, shotguns, assault and sniper rifles, and heavy machine guns. If you're aiming for a big boom then the mounted grenade launcher is the right baby for you. And when the situation gets really nasty, make sure to call for an air strike and rain destruction at the most resistant of foes. Make no mistake about it: Overkill 2 is only for the toughest of shooters. It will test your will, it will test your reflexes, it will make you sweat in places you didn't even know about.
What's new in this version:
Medal Store online again. There's a rumor you can exchange bitcoins for Overkill medals now. 4th Daily Bonus crashing fixed. Previous update: We've heard there are some new deals coming to the Black Market. Fixed some white texture issues. Previous update: Aiming bug FIXED. Introducing Elite Account - faster ranking and money making. Server issues with Roulette, Survival Tournaments and Elite Account fixed.

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