Free Correct layer break before burning an Xbox 360 disk image.
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This program simply sets the correct layer break before burning an Xbox 360 disk image. It will not patch or modify the disk image in any way.
Most other Mac software modifies the disk image to 'Force' a layer break at the proper position, basically writing 0's at the end of the disk image until the layer break is 1912730. If you modify the disk image, it will no longer work with Windows applications.

This software will not modify the disk image and it will natively burn the image using the same framework that Apple's Disk Utility uses, or with growisofs (a *nix disc burning command-line executable). growisofs is included for Mac OS X 10.3 and below and is not recommended for Mac OS X 10.4 and above due to the fact that it cannot verify the burn.

In addition to burning the disc image, OSx360 is the FIRST and ONLY Mac application to verify Xbox disc images. New stealth checks and features are added regularly.

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