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Create prototypes of graphic user interfaces for various kinds of devices.
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Origami Studio is intended to create prototypes of graphic user interfaces for various kinds of devices. In this regard, it supports multiple screen formats, including those for iOS and Android devices, and you can even use customized dimensions, scale, frame, and hand images to create your own simulated device. The intention behind the tool is to allow designers to sketch their ideas without any restraints.

Probably the most important concept in Origami Studio is that of “patch”, referring to the blocks used to compose an interface. Fortunately, the program comes with a huge patch library, which you can use to create interactions, animations, and behaviors. Next, another type of object is layers, with properties you can set in the Inspector. Likewise, layers support interactions added via the Touch button. Patches and layers are usually combined. For instance, by adding an interaction patch, you can tell when a user touches down or taps on a layer.

Origami Studio has various advantages. One of them is that, as you build a prototype, you can preview it live on various types of devices, provided they are connected to your computer. Luckily, you can not only view but also interact with the prototype. It is also great that it supports importing layers directly from Sketch preserving the original layer structure.

One of the main drawbacks of Origami Studio is its steep learning curve. It seems that the developers are aware of this because they provide users with extensive help documentation and tutorials. Still, it may take long hours for most of the users, even if they are experienced, to fully exploit all the program’s features with relatively ease. This somehow contradicts the purpose of facilitating the prototyping process.

In general, Origami Studio is excellent to share your ideas with other professionals, such as designers and programmers. In this respect, the tool allows recording your interaction with the prototype to show others how the final product would work. Unlike other prototype-creation software, Origami Studio allows creating realistic representations, including all the necessary details. Finally, I would recommend this tool to anybody who would not object to spending long hours on learning how to use it.

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  • Live preview of your work on connected devices
  • Extensive collection of patches
  • Very detailed representations
  • Allows importing directly from Sketch
  • Makes recordings of your prototype
  • Virtually unlimited interactions


  • Steep and long learning curve



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