OnTheAir Video

OnTheAir Video 3.7

Play and broadcast all kinds of video content.
Run the playback of video files. Access clips in common formats like MPEG-4 (iframe only), DVCam, MPEG IMX, DV, DVCPro, Photo JPEG, DVCPro 50, DV50, M-JPEG, etc. Manage full HD resolution playback options using DVCProHD. Work with uncompressed videos and process them like standard files.

OnTheAir Video is a very easy-to-use and intuitive broadcast quality video playback application. It can be used for automated playout thanks to its optional scheduler or it can serve as a clip store for live news operations. Thanks to its powerful and reliable playback engine Takes intelligently advantage of multi core CPU's, much better then QuickTime based playback applications. Seamless switching to next clip, no frame drops. Advanced streaming buffering algorithm's works from hard disk, Raid, Xsan, TCP network Realtime graphics composing on top of video (Optional Logo overlay layer) It supports many video formats like MPEG-4 (I-frame only), MPEG IMX, DVCam, DV, DVCPro, DVCPro 50, DV50, Photo JPEG, M-JPEG etc... (Some of these formats requires you have an official license of Final Cut). Optional features Full HD resolution playback using DVCProHD or uncompressed video clips (HDV support will come in 2007) Logo overlay layer Simultaneous multi channel Audio output 24/7 Scheduling features:

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