One Tap Hero

One Tap Hero 1.0

Metacritic's score 84 and 10 best iPhone Games for August 2012!
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Metacritic's score 84 and 10 best iPhone Games for August 2012!
TouchArcade's Best iOS Games of August 2012!
Finally, this award-winning game arrives on Android. From the creator of the iOS hits Finger Balance and iDragPaper.
iOS Version Review:
"Takes iOS platforming and “one button” gaming in a direction I’m amazed no-one tries to do more often in touch screen gaming." -- TouchArcade 4.5/5
"One Tap Hero is an intelligent game that does what it claims, blending the genre of platform and puzzler well. Once the player gets past slight control issues there is definitely a great game to be had." -- 148Apps 4.5/5
"It’s got great gameplay, a huge amount of variety in the level of design, a catchy soundtrack, and beautiful artwork. This is one game that’s guaranteed to keep you busy all weekend.“ -- GameTrailers
"One Tap Hero is a valiant attempt to do something different with the platform genre, and it just about manages to pull it off.“ -- PocketGamer (Silver Award)
"It's precision platforming at its best, with enough charm and ingenuity to win over even the most jaded mobile gamer." -- Modojo 4.5/5
Platforming has never felt so simple…
An evil wizard has turned your sweetheart into a teddy bear and the only way to save her is to collect stars and use their power to change her back. Time for a top tapping adventure!
Controls couldn't be simpler. Just tap any key to jump, tap to climb ladders, tap to…do pretty much everything! With these super simple controls this platforming game becomes all about timing and foresight!
Your adventure will take you to four unique game worlds, each with their own challenges and elements from portals to switches and more! Collect keys along your way to unlock bonus levels.
Sit back and relax with the soothing, melodic soundtrack and sound FX in One Tap Hero. It's perfect for a 5 minute blast or a long gaming session!
Other Awards:
Finalist of Indie Game Festival China 2011
Selected Project of Game Selection Europe 2011
Disable "automatic graphics switching" in the Energy Saver preferences pane of System preferences will solve the crash bug in those computers with more than one graphics card. (eg. 15" Macbook Pro 2012 and later model)

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