OmmWriter Dāna II

OmmWriter Dāna II 1.55

A basic text generator for writers and artists
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Perform standard text writing and editing operations in the word processor dedicated to providing the simplest most natural-flowing process in order to increase concentration and creative processes. Font and size selection is available along with structuring options.

Ommwriter... A simple text editor for writers.
A wise man once said "We are all at the mercy of our wild monkey minds. Incessantly swinging from branch to branch." With multiple windows and applications all vying for our attention, we have sadly adapted our working habits to that of the computer and not the other way around.
Ommwriter is a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate.
Ommwriter is a simple text processor that firmly believes in making writing a pleasure once again, vindicating the close relationship between writer and paper. The more intimate the relation, the smoother the flow of inspiration.
If you are a scriptwriter, blogger, journalist, copywriter, poet or just someone who enjoys writing, welcome back to concentrating.

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