Olearia 1.1

Full Featutred Daisy Talking Book Player For OS X.

Full Featutred Daisy Talking Book Player For OS X.
Olearia is a project written entirely in Cocoa/Objective-C and is designed to bring the versatility of talking books (Both Daisy and others) to Mac OS X. Due to recent enhancements in accessibility and code generation with the release of Leopard (OS X 10.5) Olearia is only available for 10.5 and newer.


Full navigation of the book structure (where available).
Choice of normal or high contrast Icons for low vision users.
Fast forward and rewind of pre-recorded audio content.
Playback speed and volume adjustment on a per book basis.
Information panel showing all available metadata.
Loading of last book read at startup.
Auto sensing/loading of books on removable media (root folder only).
Remembering current playback position of books read.
Direct page access (ie go to Page). (to be implemented)
Bookmark management on a per book basis. (to be implemented)

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