OfficeHaven 6.0

Manage different types of data directly and remotely.
6.0 (See all)
Gain access to the suite comprised of five HMS modules. Work with standard file formats, interactive client information, financial data, computer screen feedback, etc. Open and process files, change the settings and adjust service or rendering parameters.

Note: OfficeHaven is free to download and use, but since it stores lots of data on the HMS server there is a rental charge for continued use. This charge is $9 per user per month or $99 per user per year.
OfficeHaven is a collection of five HMS modules into one program. It links with the DocHaven, CRMHaven, CashHaven and TwitHaven modules. It provides an integrated set of tools to help manage your files, your clients, your money, your messaging and your screens while both in the office and remotely. You may find it easier to manage just one application if you decide to use more of the HMS modules.

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