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Experience the simplicity of your world in touch. You can now make Sorenson VRS (SVRS®) calls with your Mac laptop or desktop computer using ntouch. All of the best features of a Sorenson VP are now available on your Mac computer. You can make SVRS calls with your Mac anywhere you have an internet connection. You just need a Mac with a built-in or external webcam.

Sorenson Communication’s ntouch turns your Mac computer into the ideal communication tool for deaf or hard-of-hearing with full video relay support, 1-Line Voice Carry Over (VCO), Deaf SignMail®, built-in network detection, Firewall Traversal features, and much more. The ntouch app by Sorenson Communications:
•Includes our most popular videophone features
•Lets you import your Sorenson videophone contacts
•Delivers a user experience designed specifically for OS X

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