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Send text- messages with your Mac and to let your Mac dial a number.
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Now it is a piece of cake to use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone to send text- messages with your Mac and to let your Mac dial a number.
Whenever you choose 'Send text' a new message window opens on your screen.

If the number is recognized from Address Book, the recepients name is already filled in.

You can write text messages longer than 160 characters. Phone plugins will split the message in several ones automatically.

The status line gives you all information about how many parts the message consits of and how many characters are left.

Whenever you choose 'Dial number', your cell phone starts dialing and you see this action on your Macintosh.

You can choose to 'Hang Up' or take your cell phone and start talking!

Main Features:

- Use the keyboard on your Mac to enter a text message fast and convenient, then click "Send" to have it deliverd. Supports the spelling correction of Mac OS X.
- Select a number and click "Dial" to have your phone connect to that number, then click "Hang up" on the Mac to end the call.
- If the contact is already known to the Address Book in OS X, you will see the appropriate name and the picture of your contact right on your screen.

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