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Powerful desktop application for creating, publishing and sharing media-rich, multi-page notebooks.
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NoteShare lets you organize your notes in one location as well as share those notes with other users of NoteShare, as long as they know your IP address. The program lets you create multiple notebooks. You get to decide which ones of those are shared and which are for personal use.

The installation is done through double clicking the installation file within the package. The program can be found in your applications folder. During your first run, it will ask you for a license information. There are three options - quit, demo license, and regular license. I found that this process is a little bogus and poorly designed. When you hit the demo license, a new webpage opens up, where you are asked to download a trial version of the software (BUT I JUST DID). You ought to hit the download button to get to a registration page, that will use your information to generate a trial key. It will be in your e-mail within minutes. Meanwhile, don't forget to hit cancel the download if you are doing this registration from within the program's first run.

When you input the license, a somewhat awkward program shows up on your desktop. It is comprised from what I am guessing a large work area and a notebook. You can edit the title of your notebook, open it up and see the contents. You can create indices of your pages, but when you double click your newly created index, the program wants you to rename it. The key here is to hit the bullet button right next to that particular index. more

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  • Direct IP sharing, no need for 3rd party hosting services


  • Direct IP Sharing without usernames and password protection


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