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Noter is a powerful and versatile word processor to create and edit documents.
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Noter is a powerful and versatile word processor that can create and edit Microsoft Word, Open Document, plain text, rich text, HTML, and other kinds of documents. It lets you format your documents as you like, add photo, music or even movie to your documents. Also, you can add tables and lists to your documents to make your work easier.
- Auto-hide mode: Document window will automatically hide when you finish inputing or when you drag the window to the edge of the screen.
- Set background color: 6 kind of suitable colors are listed in tools panel and you can choose the favorite background style when you input word.
- Continuously save documents: Noter can save your documents continuously as you work on them.
- Check spelling and grammar: you can check you documents manually or automatically.
- Insert pictures: you can insert pictures by dragging images from finder or by using the Attach button.
- Insert tables: you can insert tables in your documents and edit them.

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