NoiseNinja 2.2

Noise Ninja is the most effective and productive solution for removing noise

Noise Ninja provides a solution for detecting and reducing noise and grain levels from images. Photographs are often plagued by these types of issues either due old age, scanner quality or ISO sensitivity of the camera. While normally, I would have to manually edit and fix these types of distortions, this program employs an automated approach with the help of camera specific profiles. This however does not come at the cost of flexibility; advanced users can perform manual noise analysis and easily adapt the utility to the requirements of a faulty photograph.

I found Noise Ninja's interface well designed and quite similar to that of image editors. It includes standard and color-specific noise filters, powered by simple slider controls. What makes this tool particularly appealing is the fact that it preserves all image details after the noise reduction process.

Noise Ninja is especially created for photographers. It works for low-light images as well as photographs taken at high speed. You can change the luminance, color strength and the sharpening amount of a rectangular area of an image.

Another important feature is the ability to process multiple graphic files simultaneously. This comes in handy when dealing with a large collection of images that share the same levels of distortions.

Users can view EXIF and IPTC data with a built-in viewer placed on the left side of the program's interface.

Overall, the utility offers an effective and simple to use image noise removal solution. It could use a few built-in presets that can automatically detect noise and process images (if the camera model is not available, camera specific profiles will not do their job accurately), but otherwise Noise Ninja is a powerful tool aimed at both novice and professional photographers.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Effective noise removal algorithms
  • Fast interface response to user actions
  • Integrates both EXIF, IPTC viewers
  • Can easily restore the quality of an old image


  • No built-in noise removal presets
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