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This app gives you access to various background sounds.
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Noise Machine is a program that might come in handy on busy work days when it's important to reduce the noise surrounding you and stay focused on your projects. This Menu Bar application provides you with various background sounds, lets you change the output device, and comes with a straightforward interface.

Personally, I find it relaxing to listen to music while working on my projects. The downfall of playing songs during work hours is that you might get distracted when adjusting the sound volume (some songs have a different noise level), changing the tune, etc. This app gives you access to various background noises that help you stay focused on your work and listen to nature noises that relax your mind in the process.

From its main menu you can adjust the sound volume according to your needs from the main menu, opt for another background noise, and change the output device (speakers, headphones, etc.). What's more, you have access to an integrated help guide where you can find plenty of information regarding this application.

To sum things up, Noise Machine is a helpful Mac app as it provides you with plenty of ambient sounds to block the noise at your workplace. Listening to these sound files really helped me stay focused on my tasks and ignore the noises around me. Hence, I'd say it's definitely worth trying this program.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives you access to various background sounds
  • Lets you adjust the sound volume, pause the sound being played, start listening to the next noise, etc


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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