NewsFire 2.0

Filters and manages various online newsletters.

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Create a newsletter accessible from the desktop of a personal computer by launching the client application processing new entries on selected websites and filtering out duplicates of the already imported news. Dragging and dropping and maximizing windows with interesting articles is possible.

NewsFire is a super-simple feed reader.
RSS for Everyone...
Simple to use and packed with features, NewsFire makes it a joy to keep atop the constant flow of information on the web.

Smart & Organized...
It's easy to filter and organize your news with NewsFire's smart groups. Build your own feeds with custom rules, or drag and drop to create groups of related content.

Fit & finished...
NewsFire's feed list, floating new items to the top with smooth animation, is an original. It looks good. It moves well. It delivers the polished Mac experience you expect.

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