Neverwinter Nights Update

Neverwinter Nights Update 1.6

Update your copy of Neverwinter Nights to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.
1.6 (See all)

Six years in the making, Neverwinter Nights for Macintosh is an epic realization of the fantasy setting of Dungeons and Dragons. Set in the turbulent world of the Forgotten Realms, and using the most comprehensive adoption of the 3rd edition rules to date, BioWare has brought the pen and paper game to your computer.
You are the hero in a quest to save the city of Neverwinter itself as it topples toward oblivion. This is only the beginning of your journey as you plunge into a tale of faith, war and betrayal. Adventure through an amazing 60+ hours of the Official Campaign rising from a humble student to champion and savior in an attempt to stop a terrible evil.
Unlimited adventures- join a thriving community of over a million members in adventures with friends from around the globe though BioWare s Neverwinter Nights Community Site.
Version 1.65: Added Stormy Skybox to game resources. Fixed up some spells and feats. Some exploit fixes.

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