NBA Jam is an arcade basketball game by EA SPORTS.
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NBA Jam is an arcade basketball game made by EA SPORTS. In this game, you play 2 vs 2 basketball games controlling NBA stars from the real teams. You can choose your players from the team's rosters. Only the stars are available, though. There are three play modes: Play now, classic campaign and challenges. In "Play Now", you play an exhibition game with any NBA team against any other team. The "Classic Campaign" mode pits you against several teams during a shortened NBA season. And "Challenges" are a set of games in which you need to achieve a certain objective. Most of the challenges are about beating NBA icons like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc.

The game has great graphics. However, they are not realistic graphics. In fact, nothing is realistic about this game. And nothing is intended to be realistic, either. This game is designed to be amusing and entertaining. The player models are a mixture of a 3D model and a high-definition image for the players' heads. The faces look great, and you can really tell who is who. The game mechanics are great. Players can jump quite a lot and their moves are absolutely crazy.

In short, this is a great arcade game. I love that it is available for the Mac. For me NBA Jam (even the first version) has always been instant fun.

JF Senior editor
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