MysteryOfTheEarl 2.0

This game is based on the subject with knights, court circle plots, love affairs
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To struggle against the powerful adversary, to expose a plot to overthrow the government, to conflict with witchcraft – these actions should make the main character in order to find her disapered sweetheart. This game is based on the subject with knights, court circle plots, love affairs… Novels of such kinds always rouse the interest and intrigue. They are actual in any time. Have you ever heard the story about Author, the king? About enchantress Morgana? Have you ever read the story about Tristan and Isolda? Have you ever dreamed about mysterious legends of Misty Albion?.The stories about love and treachery, about honor and betrayal are always be interesting and actual for people, because these subjects are parts of Eternity. The romantic line of the subject, all mysterious and enthralling events of the game ”Mystery of the Earl” allow gamers to be as much as possible deep in the game atmosphere, and to distract the attention from their domestic doings and household chores in such a way. Everybody could make a fascinating journey to the enigmatical and mysterious world. So as all the game actions take place in some alternative reality, looking like Middle Ages time, this game should be associated with romanticism, interest to novels about knights. Owing to all game tasks are clear and rather easy, the subject of the game is interesting and romantic, the ”Mystery of the Earl” could suit to the gamer of different ages. There is no any strict limitation to the audience for this game.

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