Mystery Case Files- 13th Skull - Collector's Edition

Mystery Case Files- 13th Skull - Collector's Edition 1.1

After moving into a mansion in Louisiana, Sara Lawson's husband disappears.

Shortly after moving into a mansion in Louisiana, tragedy befalls Sara Lawson and her daughter after her husband, Marcus Lawson, mysteriously disappears. Sara contacts you, the Detective, to search for her husband and discover the secret of the 13th Skull.

Before Marcus was kidnapped, he became obsessed with the curse and the treasure after finding a map of the estate. His daughter Magnolia believes her father was kidnapped by the ghost of a vengeful pirate named Captain Phineas Crown, seeking to protect his lost fortune and stop those who try to find it. With the locals all talking about the curse of the 13th Skull and their belief that Crown lived in the mansion and buried his treasure there, Sara despairs of finding her husband.

In the end, Captain Crown was destroyed when all the skulls were positioned together with the crew's bodies. The Collector's Edition of the game will reveal hints for the next installment of the series.

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