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Well designed, very intuitive note manager.
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myNotes is a Mac application that lets you write project ideas, keep a journal, create shopping lists, and much more. You can organize the created notes into categories for easier access, export them to various output formats, and print any note directly from the program's interface.

This program lets you create as many notes as you like using any page arrangement, size and text style. A good thing about working with this app is that it also allows you to import pictures, videos, and audio files into your notes by using simple drag-and-drop.

Additionally, myNotes offers you a very simple way to keep track of your notes as it lets you organize them into categories and it provides you with a handy built-in search tool.

The only thing that's not working when using myNotes is the Help tool. After I click the Help button, I receive this message: "Help isn't available for myNotes".

Still, myNotes proves to be a great addition to my collection of programs as it brings me all the tools I need to create and manage my journal entries, project ideas or other important notes.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • You can import images, audio files or videos into your notes
  • Comes with an integrated search tool
  • Automatically saves every entered note
  • You can export notes to various output formats


  • Help tool doesn't work
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