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My Movies is a very nice movie cataloging software for the Mac.

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My Movies is very nice movie cataloging software for the Mac. It allows you to keep a precise catalog of every movie that you own. You can add movies by typing their names, scanning bar codes, or you can simply create titles and name films whatever you want (that is great for personal recordings). There are two versions of this app: Free and Pro. They both are identical, but the Free version only allows you to add 50 titles, which is a reasonable number.

My Movies downloads information about movies from the Internet, and when you add a movie, it will display lots of info about it. There is of course the name, genre, release date, running time, aspect ratio, and much more. I like that in the results, you get different formats. I keep HD DVDs and Blurays in my collection, and I like that this app can distinguish one from the other.

There are different categories for your movies. You can sort them into "owned, for keepers", "owned, for trade", and "owned, for sale", for example.

Adding movies is very easy and one of the cool things about this app is that it synchronizes your catalog with Internet servers, so you can download your information on another Mac, or retrieve it if you accidentally delete the app.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface
  • It retrieves information automatically


  • You seem to only be able to add 1 movie at a time
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