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The best-selling Anne Geddes Baby Record Book, My First Five Years is now available in an incredible new way to record your baby's precious early years. Imagine being able to record your baby's favorite lullaby, to have proud grandparents film a keepsake message for their new grandchild, and to have the ability to store all of your captured moments in one place. Now you can save these treasured childhood memories forever. We know that no two families are the same, so why should all baby record books be the same? Allow your family to shine as you customize and personalize every aspect of your book, and create a truly unique keepsake that reflects you and your child.
It's easy to add photos and videos at the touch of a button and to share your creation with friends and family, or simply view as a slideshow. With a variety of different layouts to choose from, all featuring iconic imagery from Anne's beloved books, Down in the Garden, Until Now, PURE and Beginnings, you will love creating lasting memories for your family with My First Five Years.
It only takes a moment to create a memory.
- Over 120 pages
- The perfect gift for new parents, or pregnant moms who can begin their book before baby arrives
- Ideal for parents to go back and make a truly complete baby book for their children
- Make a special memento by recording a favorite lullaby or messages from Grandparents
- Create a wonderful keepsake for your child's future, that can be easily shared with family
- Select the perfect book style for your child, each featuring beautiful images from world-renowned photographer, Anne Geddes
- Save as many books as you need for your family, each book is titled with your child's name
- Your book will be kept up-to-date by using the helpful milestone reminders which can be added to iCal and synced with all your devices.
- A wide variety of sections, including, 'My Baby Shower, The World When I Arrived, My Homecoming, My Family Tree, My Milestones' and much more
- Keep a record of your child's early education with the Preshool and Kindergarten pages
- Record valuable information about vaccinations, health and dental visits
- Get started easily by using the topic prompts to guide you with filling out your book
- Present your book to your family and friends as a beautiful slideshow, or share pages online



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