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MusicIP Mixer makes music more accessible and more enjoyable.
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MusicIP Mixer makes music more accessible and more enjoyable. Do you have tons of digital music, but not much time? Are you in the mood for great tunes, but don't have the patience - or the interest - in thumbing through your tracks? MusicIP makes it simple. Pick one song. Click one button. Get one amazing playlist that includes the perfect tracks from every corner of your collection instantly.
Finding new music is even harder than finding your old music. The best indicator of what you like is what you already have. So why not use your old music to find new music? MusicIP gives you access to the world's largest collection of related tracks to your collection so that you can find new artists or songs...right now.
Your music is your business. MusicIP's services don't create or keep any information that connects music to personally-identifiable information. Period.
MusicIP Mixer Features include:
- Automatic music attribute analysis
- Archive attribute analysis into track tags
- Manage an unlimited number of songs in your collection
- Create mixes based on a single seed song, artist or album
- Control number of tracks in a mix
- Acoustic power shuffles
- Modify mixes at attributes with More Like This and Less Like This
- Modify mixes by Replace This Song and Replace This Artist
- Morph playlists
- Advance metadata filters
- Find similar artists or albums
- Find duplicate songs
- Use MusicIP Mixer with TiVo
- Support for UPnP devices like Sonos, Roku, more.
- Manage music on portable devices
- Rename and organize your files
- Pattern based tag fixing
- Enable API for 3rd Party Applications
- Map playlists into Moods
- Integrated media player (or connect to your favorite player)
- Acoustic scan to find music based on sound
- Custom tagging capabilities for advanced users
- Run MusicIP Mixer as a server

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