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Import tracks to your music library and manage them.
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Organize your music library. Import tracks using barcodes, from iCollect Music on iPhone and iPod, iCollect Music HD on iPad apps, or from the icollectmedia website. View all data related to your tracks, including cover art, artists, publishers, ratings, formats.

Music is a Mac application that lets users manage their in-home music collection by entering in barcodes or by importing from iCollect Music for iPhone/iPod or iCollect Music HD for iPad apps.
Here is a quick list of some of the great features this app has:
- Enter in music via barcode
- Enter in music via import from iCollect Music (iPhone or iPad apps)
- Sync your music from
- Export your music collection
- View all album information, such as cover art, artist, publisher, rating, and format
- View personal information, like star rating and who you've loaned an album to.
- Filter music with our custom filtering section
- Search for albums instantly by title
- Add albums to and from a wishlist
- Pulls the latest updated data and art from our huge database
- and more!
Get free upgrades for life! Future features in early 2011 include:
- Full album editing
- Added albums via database search
- More filtering options
- and more!
A great app by itself or also as a pair with iCollect Music for the iPhone/iPod/iPad.
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