MultiWatermarks 1.0

Add watermarks to your photos and adjust the transparency level.
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Add text, images or logos to your photos. Rotate and resize your watermark in the photo and manage the transparency level. Preview your results and save your watermarks as presets to apply to multiple photos. Save the photos with added watermarks in the JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PICT, PSD.

MultiWatermarks lets you add text and/or image/logos watermarks to one or many images and script it over a folder of your Photos.
Powerful and Easy:
• Add multiple High-resolution Texts or Image/Logos Watermarks to your photos,
simply click and type, simply clik and position
• Add different Watermarks like text and images to the same photo
• Position wherever you want your watermark, rotate, resize!
• Adjustable Transparent Watermarks
• Save one or multiple watermark in your own pictures folder and instantly preview/apply them on one or multiple photos.
• Text/Watermarks can be saved as preset, and instantly visualized on other photos
• Save the Watermark photo in a different file format (JPEG/TIFF/PNG/BMP/GIF/PICT/PSD)
• Create a script and batch your watermark across one or several images, can be a full folder
• Online Manual for assistance
We stand behind our software, any question we are there to help and answer. Be fair, if you have an issue with the program please e-mail us first and give us a chance to answer.

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